About Bob Stetson

Bob, a partner in Bernkopf Goodman’s litigation group, combines hard work, preparation and dedication to deliver cutting-edge legal services, representing clients in negotiations, disputes and inside the courtroom.

Bob’s clients, which range from real estate developers, general contractors and business owners to residential property owners, say Bob is their “go-to guy” because he’s “thorough,” “poised” and “comes up with a clear plan of attack.”

A persuasive and successful trial lawyer, Bob captures the respect of judges and jurors alike. Following a hotly contested motion hearing in a complex construction dispute before an experienced judge – himself a former commercial litigator – the judge commented that Bob’s performance was the “best” he’d ever seen, paving the way for a favorable settlement for his client, a successful developer and contractor.

Bob has delivered results for his clients in all phases of litigation. Following a two-week trial, he obtained a favorable verdict on all significant claims defending a corporate veil-piercing case against a medical provider and its affiliates – a case featured in the litigation issue of Best Lawyers. He also delivered a multi-million-dollar jury verdict in a real estate and construction dispute involving breach of warranty, bad faith and punitive damage claims. Following a week-long trial involving real estate, he also defeated a laundry list of claims for fraud, undue influence and breach of contract relating to real estate and delivered a verdict which resulted in payment to his clients in excess of a half-million dollars.

In addition to his litigation prowess, Bob represents clients in the preparation of construction contracts of all sizes throughout the United States.