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Justice and Charity

In the final episode of Season 1, Bob talks with Scott Sinrich about his pro bono work in Stearns v. Montiero and how, despite popular belief, lawyering remains a noble profession.

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Episode 1:
The Pandemic Comes to

UMNV 205 – 207 Newbury LLC v. Caffe Nero Americas, Inc.

Episode 2:
A Cain and Abel
Haddad v. Haddad

Episode 3:
Shock Jock Takes On Local Politician
Curtatone v. Barstools Sports, Inc.

Episode 4:
Free Speech Clashes With Child Welfare
Shak v. Shak
Episode 5:
No Good Deed Goes
Bass River Tennis Corp. v. Barros
Episode 6:
Lessons From The Great Molasses Flood Of 1919
Sullivan v. Gagliardi
Episode 7:
caveat Emptor
Roars Back to Life
Sullivan v. Gagliardi

Episode 8:
From the State of Nature to Municipal Zoning Law

Murchison v. Zoning Board of Appeals of Sherborn

Episode 9:

Avila v. Boston Public Health Commission

Episode 10:
Ride-Sharing Down the Path Paved by Court Reform
Cunningham v. Lyft.
Episode 11:
and Charity
Stearns v. Montiero

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Bob Stetson, a Boston based trial lawyer at Bernkopf Goodman, hosts Legal Judg(e)ments, a podcast that tackles litigation and trial strategy by analyzing and talking about real legal cases.

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